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What information do we collect about you and how is this used?

We will only collect personal information when we need this. The type of information we need from you will vary depending on our relationship with you. When we ask you for information, we will make it clear why we need it. We will also make it clear when you do not have to provide us with information and any consequences of not providing this.

Most information we hold will be collected from you but where necessary we may also obtain this from third parties such as a solicitors or legal representatives, previous landlord or other relevant partner (Developer etc). In addition, we may also obtain information from publicly accessible sources or engage the service of market research organisations to validate, or where appropriate, enhance the information that we hold.

We collect information from you (as applicable):

  • To set you up as a Leaseholder, Tenant, Shared Owner or Service user (including telecare services where applicable) and to manage your lease / tenancy we will need up to date contact details including telephone numbers, email addresses and details of anyone you may choose to represent you) so we can reach you when we need to discuss issues pertaining to your lease, tenancy or service, e.g. income collection, essential servicing, access for maintenance and improvements or to contact you in the event of an emergency or to enforce the terms of your tenancy/lease.
  • For retirement properties we will need to collect details of your Next of Kin, emergency contact and or key holder should we need to facilitate access to the emergency services.
    • we will also use your contact information to tell you about changes to Grange and Clarion, for example our organisational structure and governance arrangements, and to resolve or investigate complaints or property management issues.
    • details of any change in circumstances (e.g. if you wish for someone to act on your behalf, we will ask for this request to be made in writing) or to effect any changes to your customer record (e.g. if you want to change your name on our records we’ll ask you for a copy of your marriage or deed poll certificate).
    • we will hold records of our contact with you, your contact with us, and any contact from third parties representing you or about you. This may include call recordings.
    • financial records about the amount of money you have paid us, any amount(s) outstanding and associated recovery action. Depending on your method of payment, we may hold your bank account details.
    • details relating to the repair, maintenance and servicing requirements of your property (although this information will not necessarily constitute your personal data).

    Provision of the information is a ‘Contractual Requirement’. Without this information, we may be unable to manage your services. For example, we cannot provide property management services if we do not hold your contact details in order to collect service charges. Please speak to us with any concerns.

  • To meet your needs in our service delivery
    • to ensure our services are accessible, that we take account of any support needs in our dealings with you and to improve our communications with you. For example, if you wish for us to liaise with a carer, or other advocate, if there are considerations we need to be aware of when providing, if you need large print or translated text.
    • when profiling you for services and to target our resources.

    Where processing information about you or your household members, we may have a legal or contractual obligation to process this information for example to provide inclusive services.

    It is also in our legitimate interests to ensure that service delivery meets the needs of our service user and their household.

  • To prevent fraud
    • we will collect enough information to verify your identity.

    Processing for the purpose of fraud prevention is required in order to meet our legal obligations. Therefore if we are unable to verify your identity we may not be able to provide services to you.

  • To assist with personal security and prevention and detection of crime
    • we may capture your image on our CCTV systems if you visit an estate, office or community facility which is covered by this.

    Processing of this information may be required to meet Grange’s legal obligations and our legitimate business interests around health and safety and crime prevention.

  • When you engage with our additional guidance, advice and support services. (please remember, other privacy notices may apply)
    • For example if you engage with ‘Centra’ for the provision of telecare services we may hold information about access to your property.

    Provision of information requested by us may form part of a ‘Contractual Requirement’. Without this information, we may not be able to provide this service. We will make it clear at the point of data collection whether the information is voluntary.

    Where processing also concerns household members, it is in our legitimate interests to ensure that we are meeting the needs and expectations of all service users.

  • To understand how we’re performing
    • we may use your contact details to carry out market research and customer satisfaction surveys to help us to monitor our performance and to improve our services to our customers.
    • to segment customers to help target our resources and prioritise services.
      in managing and analysing complaints.
    • for statistical analysis.

    It is in our legitimate interests to understand how we are performing so we can meet our mission statement and objectives.

    There may also be a legal obligation for us to process the information or to demonstrate to our regulator that we are fulfilling our obligations, for example around anti-discrimination laws.

We also use your personal information in the following ways:

    • Keeping in touch with you, understanding your needs, and inviting you to events.
      It is in our legitimate interests to communicate with you and keep you up to date with news and events in order to meet our objectives
    • Prevention and detection of crime, and quality management.

We do this to meet our legal obligations.

  • Meeting our legal obligations including the requirements of our funders or regulators.
    This is a legal obligation on Clarion.